Speciale ragazzi

Una domenica da favola e un mercoledì di fuoco … d’artificio: si apre così la stagione più amata dai ragazzi, i più piccoli finalmente in vacanza e quelli sotto esame con la testa già in assetto da divertimento. E, allora, […]

All in One Day

If you are very active, if you are a sports fan and you love the nature, there is a new world that waiting for you. “One Day” in Activo Park, the outdoor park, in Scheggino a little medieval country, a […]

Excursions routes: wonderfull success!

In the program of the meeting “The Valnerina’s  Routes”, realized Saturday 28th  February  2009 in Norcia, have been introduced a new brocheres of the  Thematic Excursions  Routes  of the River Nera Park. Shortly time there will be two news:  the […]

Asses, yes!

The Marmore Waterfalls presents: The Asses, a Free Time Project! From Easter 2009, in the park of the Waterfall will be available every week end a new touristic service: a tour of the park with the little asses. The tourists […]